Coming Soon: The Hollister Group

With a view toward unity, collaboration, and best serving the needs of our talent and clients, Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute are uniting as The Hollister Group – Staffing & Cultures. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for upcoming changes including a new logo, a revamped website, and a formalized initiative we’re calling “The Hollister Difference.”


team training session

Enabling professionals at all levels to transform their mindsets - empowered with the tools and skills that help them tap into their vast potential.


Hollister Institute’s purpose is to inspire and ignite individuals to achieve their highest potential.

Experience, fears, and insecurities inhibit professionals at all levels, placing constraints on our abilities to access our best thinking, stifling communications, and challenging our relationships, both personal and professional.

We help leaders and business professionals of all levels find greater clarity of mind, distinctness of purpose, and strength of focus, helping them maximize opportunities as they move forward in their lives.

Effective Programs as Distinctive as the People we Serve

The Hollister Institute provides transformational professional instruction to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and groups to maximize their effectiveness, communication, and relationship skills. Hollister provides programs, events, and leadership development seminars that offer immediate, actionable results.

Created through the vision, knowledge and experience of Kip Hollister, one of the region’s preeminent business leaders, the goal of Hollister Institute is to help organizations build stronger teams, eliminate workplace stressors, enhance productivity, and manifest a more unified, energized work culture.

Through a unique experiential learning platform, our events, programs, and workshops are designed to help professionals become stronger in skills, confidence, and purpose. Our programs are proven to help individuals regain the excitement of their work and their strength of purpose, enable leaders to build more decisive, inspired teams as they grow a culture of relationship and excellence.


  • Why do we teach these classes?

  • What makes these programs different – or better?

  • I see you have meditation in the mix. Is that a part of every course?

  • This all sounds a bit lofty. Is there research to back this kind of thing up?