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Apprentice Learning City Summer Internship Program at Hollister

"Thank you Kip and Hollister Staffing, for warmly welcoming Apprentice Learning City Summer interns for their first visit to Boston's financial district. From the moment we entered the lobby at 75 State Street, it was a vibrant learning experience. The exploration was a delightful blend of powerful inspiration, practical relaxation skills and great advice about the importance of a positive attitude in the workplace. Our interns left with an increased sense of purpose and confidence about their place in the world."  

- Helen Russell, Executive Director of Apprentice Learning 

On July 11th, the second day of the Apprentice Learning City Summer Internship program, a program for rising eighth and ninth grade girls to explore STEM career opportunities in Boston while building their work readiness skills, future dreams and plans, an amazing team of 23 young ladies visited Hollister Institute. As they lined the hallway of the 9th floor 75 State Street Building, you could hear excited chatter and buzz about meeting Kip Hollister and what their expectations of the hour would hold.

Eagerly everyone filed into the Hollister meditation room and found a comfortable seat. The awe of the space became the next buzz of conversation. Kip initiated the conversation with  “why we have a meditation room in a business office in the heart of Boston” – the floor fell silent and fully engaged listening commenced.

Kip continued to engage the room with calming breathing exercises, the story about the 2 Wolves - the bad one and the good one and your choice of feeding either - questions like “How many of you feel really great about yourself?” and a brief explanation of how “you get to choose how you feel” and “in order to be happy, you have to love yourself.”

The hour session closed with a short meditation led by Kip. There was a “calm” that filled the room and as the young women filed out of the room they shared their experience.

“I feel like a new person and more positive.”

“When I came into the room today I didn’t really feel good about myself and now I do.”

“I’m going to do it (mediation) for the rest of my days.”

“It works!”

“I feel less tight and it released negativity and helps me control my emotions”

Hollister Institute was honored to participate in the Apprentice Learning Program and will continue to support the growth and self-care of interns on their journey.

Helen said: “This is a powerful introduction to the world of work for the young women in the City Summer Internship, what a useful tool!” 
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