Individual & Team Coaching

Our programs provide the support and accountability to achieve transformative results

Just as athletes reach higher performance with the help of a coach, leaders and teams moving beyond their comfort zone to greater success require support and encouragement.  Our programs help you maintain focus and fulfill your commitment.

Benefits of Professional Coaching:

  • Clarifies goals
  • Supports confidence to achieve
  • Untangles team patterns of behavior
  • Provides outside accountability
  • Supports new habits for success
“Integrating these tools is like a muscle: it requires practice to build it.  You need someone to keep you on track.  Hollister is a resource.  We trust them and have a good relationship.  Coaching helps the bottom line.  Sometimes you need another set of eyes to help you push through getting stuck.”

- Coaching Participant

Individual & Executive Coaching

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  We support developing new behaviors when your efforts have plateaued.  Coaching helps identify and overcome the blind spots that get in your way to break through to the next level.

Is it time to create optimal results in your life and work?
Individual coaching strengthens leadership skills, nurtures communication and resolve, decreases interpersonal conflict, and enhances personal effectiveness.  Our proven methods support you in making lasting change in your personal and professional life with trust, mentorship, and accountability.

Where: In person or by phone
When: Customized to you. One session per week recommended (3-months)
Coaches: Kip Hollister & Karla Driskill


Team Coaching (4-10 people)

Are you hitting roadblocks as a team?
Teams get caught in patterns. Our group coaching addresses the challenges of lack of cohesion and commitment.  Objective guidance and unbiased support for behavioral change shifts team interaction toward collaboration and more efficient communication.

Do you want to align your team toward a shared vision?
Successful teams collaborate and communicate effectively, motivated by a shared goal.  Our coaches teach Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness to improve communication and leadership skills that strengthen your organization.  Team coaching programs resolve interpersonal conflicts, increase individual responsibility, and nurture communication resulting in greater productivity and creativity.

Where: At your location or by phone / skype
When: Customized to you and your team
Coaches: Kip Hollister & Karla Driskill