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Developing a Narrative for Job Seekers

Wednesday, August 23rd, Hollister Staffing hosted a job search and interview skills workshop: WHO ARE YOU TO THEM? A Guide to Presenting Your True Self to Employers, led by Taylor Wilkins, founder of The Tailored Quill. Taylor offers personalized services for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills or develop a personal/professional narrative. He initially engaged with Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute when he attended Excellence Unbound, a two-day leadership development intensive back in April.

The workshop opened with a discussion around the ubiquity of the term “branding.” Between the pressure put on corporations and the prevalence of social media, we all know what branding is, but not necessarily how to put it into effect. Herein lies Taylor’s inspiration!

Taylor went on to explain the most effective way to translate a personal or professional “story” (skillset) into a “narrative” (brand) in the case of a job search. For instance, someone might describe their “story” of being a good writer – they started writing in school, they have always found pleasure in it and it has offered an ongoing opportunity for them to reflect. The “narrative” around this (or personal brand, in other terms) would say that writing has become more of a tool for independence and self-expression. The interviewee would want to craft questions for their interviewer around this narrative.

The workshop was an excellent reminder of the fact that personal and professional narrative is essential to any job search. Not only does it help you to match yourself to the right opportunities, it helps the hiring manager to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for what they’re looking for.

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