Free Introductory Workshop: Essential Communication

Create an intentional culture to align & empower people, build a common language!

A step beyond the Golden Rule is the Platinum Rule: treat others as they would like to be treated.  Understanding this principle can transform communication within your organization.  Gain a fresh perspective on individual differences and use this new insight to improve daily interactions.  This workshop offers tools you can use immediately and a preview of exciting possibilities for strengthened company culture through Hollister Institute programming.

What: One-hour workshop
Who: For Business Professionals and Teams
Where: At Hollister Institute or on-site at your location
Coach: Karla Driskill
Cost: Free

Are your employees frustrated?

Without understanding differences in communication styles, teams experience frustration and breakdown.  The principles in this workshop will equip your team to recognize and avoid misunderstandings that lead to lower productivity and performance.  Your team will leave empowered with tools to enhance collaboration and improve results.

Are your leaders listening?

Leaders who learn about themselves and others gain credibility, confidence, and influence.  Learning to truly “hear” what others are saying both verbally and non-verbally creates a culture of trust that allows everyone to contribute.

Are you connecting with customers & clients?

Understanding behavioral styles not only improves relationships among colleagues, but also builds trust with customers and clients.  Learning to communicate with clients in a language they understand allows you to connect, build rapport, and navigate customer service relationships regardless of personality type.

Your team will leave with:

  • A basic understanding of the DISC personality assessment
  • Familiarity with behavioral styles
  • Essential communication tools

To set up your workshop, contact Karla at or call at 617-654-0200.