Dr. Estee Sharon, Keeping Curiosity Alive

This week Kip walks with Dr. Estee Sharon.  Kip first met Estee as a result of a personal tragedy through which Estee helped guide Kip and her family.   In this episode, Kip and Estee discuss their work together on “Recovery Works”, a program founded by Estee to help those recovering from substance use get back into the workforce.  Kip sits on the board of the organization.  Estee also shares how the commonality of fear and uncertainty around the pandemic has had a surprising way of uniting us all.  Dr. Estee Sharon, Psy.D. serves as the Director of Recovery & Relationship Enhancement Program at West End Clinic, MGH, and is one of the founding team of the Diversity Center at the Department of Psychiatry at MGH. Dr. Sharon is a licensed Clinical Psychologist at MGH, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Sharon is also the Founder and Director at RecoveryWorks Program at Mass General Hospital (MGH), initiated to create employment opportunities for people in recovery and facilitate their re-entry to the workforce.

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