In Action

Kip Hollister Coaches TCI Group on How to Exude ‘Executive Presence’

On Tuesday, April 3, Kip led a seminar in partnership with The Commonwealth Institute on Executive Presence.  This four-hour intensive training was customized for a group of high-potential women who were chosen by their companies to participate.  The firms represented were of varied industries, including American Tower, DentaQuest, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 

Kip’s boldness to share from her own experience of becoming a CEO at 26, combined with her authentic and engaging facilitation style, made this session truly dynamic.  Kip opened the session by asking how many of the participants felt they exuded ‘Executive Presence.’  When no one raised their hand, the stage was set for a lively discussion designed to guide participants in developing an understanding of Executive Presence and how to access presence from the inside out.

Transformation was in the air, as each woman began to identify the limiting beliefs holding them back from reaching their full potential.  The training culminated with each participant giving a short, videoed talk, followed by feedback from their peers on their ability to exude Executive Presence during communication.

Kip gifted each woman with a pack of Hollister Institute-customized incense and incense holder, along with the instruction to take time each week to reflect and re-charge.  She left participants with the reminder that while doing is important as a leader, it is most effective when it is fueled by our being.