Free Introductory Workshop: The Foundations of Leadership

Leadership begins with self-awareness.

This workshop utilizes self-awareness as a catalyst to behavioral change and success.  Participants leave with the confidence that leadership is a learnable skill.  This workshop offers insights you can use immediately and gives you a preview of exciting possibilities for strengthened company culture through Hollister Institute programming.

What: One hour workshop
Who: For Business Professionals and Teams
Where: At Hollister Institute or on-site at your location
Coach: Karla Driskill
Cost: Free

Does your team need a better dynamic?

Teams struggling to be accountable, reach goals, or make strategic decisions can learn to develop better habits through our conscious leadership trainings.  Learn to create a dynamic atmosphere by influencing performance behaviors from the inside out. When you grow leaders, you increase retention and improve team outcomes.

Are you striving to develop leaders in your organization?

Lack of proper leadership training results in low morale and poor performance.  Leadership is a learnable skill that creates sustainable results within organizations and teams.

Are you seeking renewed inspiration?

Leadership is contagious.  It starts with leadership of self then leadership of others, Develop self-awareness to lead from the inside out and make conscious choices to influence and inspire your team.

Your team will learn these three laws:

  • Law of the Lid: correlation between strong leadership and success
  • Law of Influence: how influence is essential in a strong leader
  • Law of Process: how leadership development is a process

To set up your workshop, contact Karla at or call at 617-654-0200.