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Hollister Hosts Mindful Labyrinth Walk and Reception

“I would not be as effective as CEO if I were not paying attention to mindfulness.” - Kip

Hollister Institute and Staffing welcomed guests from local businesses and organizations around Boston as we partnered with the Friends of Heritage Park, Sharon Merrill Associates, and HUBweek to co-host our 3rd annual Labyrinth Walk.

Our CEO Kip commenced the event, thusly named “Reducing & Managing Stress:  Walking the Labyrinth,” by establishing the connection between the Armenian Heritage Park’s green labyrinth and the concept of mindfulness.

“The purpose of walking the labyrinth is to relieve the judgement and simply bring attention to our breathing,” said Kip.

Also joining us were David Kalusdian of Sharon Merrill Associates and Barbara Tellalian of the Friends of Heritage Park, who both shared a brief history on the park’s most notable features – i.e. the walkable labyrinth and symbolic ‘split rhomboid dodecahedron’ sculpture. 

We learned that the words ‘Art,’ ‘Science,’ ‘Service,’ and ‘Commerce’ are etched around the labyrinth’s circular stone surface to commemorate contributions to American life and culture made by Armenian immigrants.  The two-piece,

Kip Hollister CEO of Hollister Institute with Barbara Tellalian of the Friends of Heritage Park

“living” sculpture, on the other hand, is a tribute to all those who were displaced from their homes in the 1920s, and reinserted into new ways of life in a foreign land overseas.

Kip mentioned how often we fail to live in the moment.   To help support this, she called attention to the number of times in a day we look at our smart phones. (About 80 times, according to this study.)

“This is where we are disconnected right now.  We are busy being attached to stress,” said Kip.  “We’re here because we need to be more connected.”

To help everyone achieve a greater sense of connectedness and presence, she gave everyone a mindful way to think about the walk: “It’s a circle, so you’re walking into the center, the heart and the soul—signifying your soul and your soul-purpose.  As you’re breathing out, breathe out the stresses, the judgements, the worries…  And as you’re breathing in, bring awareness to your breath, and just observe how you’re feeling as you’re walking.  There’s no right or wrong.”

After everybody lined up one by one to enter the labyrinth, Kip invited all the attendees back to the office for some wine, talk, and plenty of shared laughter.

Then, with food and drinks in hand, we were all treated to very intimate performance from a talented local violinist named Vivian Luo, who gleefully belted out a stunning string rendition of Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This.”

It was great to see everyone who made it out this year.  Thanks for joining!

Watch video & view photos from the event below: