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Invest Internally & Build a Culture of Growth

August 24th-25th, Hollister held their two-day development workshop, Excellence Unbound, for recent hires – a benefit offered to all Hollister employees. Led by Karla Driskill and Kip Hollister, the two-day is designed to embolden leaders, inspire creativity and mindfulness, and tap into personal and professional power.

Keynotes included:

  1. The time, money, tendencies, talking, and thinking that either hold us back or negatively affect our potential.
  • What are some of the things in your daily work routine that you have the tendency to hold off on or procrastinate doing?
  • Are you delegating your time and energy wisely?
  • Are you stuck in a cycle of negative self-talk or nerves?
  1. Identifying the stories that we’ve created for ourselves based on past experiences.
  • How do these stories continue to run our desk time as well as our interactions with colleagues and co-workers?
  • How can we reframe these stories, take accountability, get out of complacency, and positively affect productivity and reality?
  1. Ontology.
  • Who are you being and what are you doing in-order to create the results you desire?

Other topics included whole self, the power of association, and resentment.

Excellence Unbound offers a unique opportunity for participants to identify, eliminate and prevent gaps that keep them from living an amazing life in a very supportive, collaborative environment. Register here for the upcoming two day!


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