Judy Giovangelo; Allowing Grief to Happen For You

In this week’s podcast, Kip walks with Judy Giovangelo to talk about their shared experiences with loss. Judy discusses being “a Ben”—someone born into an environment with trauma and challenge, and a unique intuition and sensitivity to their surroundings. She tells her son Ben’s story, and how he inspired her to start her foundation, Ben Speaks.

Judy and Kip discuss how grief can allow a person to lean into their spiritual essence and guide them to love. Judy discusses how investing in the grief process, finding service work, and self-care can allow a grieving person to move forward. She and Kip discuss how mindset and taking control of subconscious behaviors can help a person find direction and be resilient through life’s challenges.

Judy Giovangelo is the founder of Ben Speaks, a foundation where families can access a full spectrum of resources, including Emergency, Therapeutic, Healing, Mental Health, Addiction, Nutrition, and Grief Support. She is also a healer, yoga instructor, artist, and author of the book Phoenix Rising. Find out more about Ben Speaks here: https://www.benspeaks.org/.

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