Mindfulness & Business: It’s Worth the Investment

Join Kip Hollister, Founder/CEO of Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute, and other panelists at The Commonwealth Institute's "Mindfulness & Business: It’s Worth the Investment" event on April 6th. 

Event Description: 

Imagine a workplace that attracts top talent, the culture sparks creativity and innovation, managers stay focused in the midst of distraction and solving for growth is invigorating.Investing in mindfulness and employee wellbeing pays off.

Engaged employees are less likely to leave, a more resilient workforce can handle increased stress, and a culture defined by purpose and meaning enables organizations to plan for long term growth. Learn from business leaders who are bringing mindfulness practices into the workplace. How did they get started? What initiatives did they choose? How are they measuring results? Are employees participating? What are the business outcomes they expect?


  • Tanya Bakalov, Chief of Staff and co-founder of SevOne Inc
  • Kip Hollister, Founder/CEO of Hollister Institute
  • Eric Langshur, Life XT, and founder of Abundant Venture Partners
  • Lauren Larson, Senior Vice President of Organizational Development for Commodore Builders
  • Moderator: Sandy Lish, principal and co-founder of The Castle Group

When: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, from 8am – 10am
Where: District Hall, 75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

For more info and to register click here.