Free Introductory Workshop: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Are you & your team ready to rid your lives of stress to improve morale?

Stress is accepted as a part of life.  Learning techniques to handle stress can be the difference between feeling distressed and distracted or challenged and thriving.  Mindfulness and meditation practices will energize your team, improve morale, and pave the way for higher performance.  This workshop offers tools you can use immediately and a preview of exciting possibilities for strengthened company culture through Hollister Institute programming.

What: One hour workshop
Who: For Business Professionals and Teams
Where: At Hollister Institute or on-site at your location
Coach: Karla Driskill
Cost: Free

Is your team stressed?

Research shows work-related stress is the number one source of stress in American adults.  Increased stress levels affect health, memory, and productivity.  Our coaches will help your team understand the neuroscience validating mindfulness and meditation as a tool to manage their stress.

Are your employees overwhelmed by deadlines?

Chronic pressure without opportunity to recharge leads to lack of focus, frustration, and burnout.  Learn how incorporating mindfulness into daily routines changes the way we respond to stress.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply moment-to-moment awareness that enhances emotional intelligence.  Increased emotional intelligence creates a team that is empathic, focused, creative, and driven. Experience how meditation techniques reset your brain for agile thinking and greater productivity.

Your team will leave with:

  • An understanding of the pitfalls of busy-ness
  • Strategies to be more present
  • A basic meditation experience
“It’s really helpful to find that centered place in myself again.”


To set up your workshop, contact Karla at or call at 617-654-0200.