Coming Soon: The Hollister Group

With a view toward unity, collaboration, and best serving the needs of our talent and clients, Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute are uniting as The Hollister Group – Staffing & Cultures. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for upcoming changes including a new logo, a revamped website, and a formalized initiative we’re calling “The Hollister Difference.”


Say no to busy-ness, find focus and start accomplishing more

Who is mindfulness training for?

Employees that Feel Stressed-Out

We’ve all been there, but stress is counterproductive and costs employers millions. Help your staff regroup, reflect, and deal better with stress.

Leaders Who Need to Boost Productivity

Connect more meaningfully with employees and create a leadership dynamic that helps your team get things done.

Anyone Who Needs to Create or Innovate

Tap into your own creative energy with strategies that can help you calm down and focus on the challenge at hand.

Take the Next Step

We’ll come to you! Schedule a Free Introductory Workshop with one of our coaches and experience our approach for yourself.

Looking for something else?

Looking for something else?

Customized Programing

We can create a tailored program to help you or your team increase effectiveness, feel better and accomplish more.

Testimonial background

“If you need to “recharge your batteries” and get your energy back, attend an event. I guarantee you will leave Hollister’s profound, life changing courses feeling more refreshed, focused and grounded.”

Manny Correia, Founder & Principal, Inclusive Coaching Hollister Institute Participant