Our Team

Tracey Lukes, Vice President

Tracey Lukes has been working with and developing leaders for over 25 years as an executive and as a business owner. Tracey’s experience as a market research executive, a marketing communications and strategy consultant, and an innovation and idea generation consultant has provided a strong backdrop for the leadership training and coaching that she does today.

As Vice President at Hollister Institute, Tracey is passionate about growing leaders. Tracey believes the goal of leadership training and coaching – no matter where leaders function within their organization – is to examine mindset and the internal operating system to determine what limits effectiveness and where there are opportunities to expand leadership “range”. Tracey’s approach creates clarity of purpose, improved communication, focused intention, and leveraging of strengths and passion for stronger leadership both professionally and personally.

In addition to corporate leadership development, Tracey is a parent and teen coach. Tracey helps parents and teens break the cycles of drama, stress, and disconnection that are so common during the teenage years. Tracey is committed to creating stronger family relationships and helping teens develop more confidence and a clearer sense of who they are at their core.

Tracey’s leadership and coaching education and certification was obtained through the world-renowned ICF-credentialed Coaches Training Institute (CTI), developer of the highly regarded Co-Active Coaching and Dimensional Leadership® model. Tracey is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through CTI and is certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Tracey lives with her two teenagers in Needham, MA.