Our Programs

Hollister Institute programs covering Mindfulness Training, Communication Workshops, and Leadership Development, instruct learners through a unique mix of practical, theoretical, and experiential exercises to help leaders, staffers, individuals, and teams make stronger, more confident decisions, experience clearer focus, and communicate more effectively. Our coaches are all accomplished business professionals and practiced, deeply accredited practitioners who help professionals of all levels find new effectiveness every day. 

Below are a workshops that are offered under Hollister Institute programming. 


Excellence Unbound

Two-day leadership initiative designed to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Hollister - Effective Communication SQ

Effective Communication

Leave equipped with tools that enhance your communication and ability to resolve conflict in a way that promotes healthy, authentic, personal and professional relationships.

Mastermind Group

Are you inspired? Are you constantly seeking to grow? Focusing on your own personal development will ensure that you don’t become stagnate in your personal and professional life.

Customized Programs 

Our custom programs are designed to assist businesses in areas they would like to learn and grow. 

Development from the inside out for leaders, teams, and organizations:

- Is your organization suffering from busy-ness?
- Is multitasking putting your team at risk?
- Are you under stress?


• Learn to quiet the mind and reduce stress
• Increase confidence, morale, and productivity
• Improve focus and awareness


- Do you want to build a better culture?
- Would you like greater accountability in your organization?
- Do your people fear conflict?


• Create an intentional culture to align & empower people
• Build a common language for effective communication
• Learn tools for conflict resolution & difficult conversations


- Do your leaders communicate
- Do your people need more challenge?
- Do you want to innovate?


• See the link between leadership and results
• Guide your staff out of comfort and into growth
• Challenge your current way of thinking