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Chase Your Dreams

Do you want to reach your full potential and create a positive impact in the world? Do you want to understand the steps to achieve fulfillment in your life? Do you ruminate in your head and worry about things out of your control? Do you compare yourself to others who seem to have life figured out, and you feel you should too?

Would you love the opportunity to be more in control of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions in your everyday life experience?

If any one of these questions resonate, then this program is for you. Together we will dive into the inquiry of what it takes to create a life that you desire. We will look at the negative thought cycles that create obstacles in our everyday lives. This new awareness will support you in living and appreciating life in the moment with less stress and anxiety. We will co-create tools to build habits that bring you closer to the future you seek.


  • May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15, June 22, June 29


  • 90-minute sessions once/week, for six weeks (5:30 to 7 PM EST)
  • We will meet virtually via Zoom
  • There will be ~1 hour of work between sessions which may include meditation, journaling, light reading, and/or self-reflection

Who Should Enroll?

Curious, knowledge thirsty individuals between ages of 20-30, who want to grow, learn, and self- develop. This program will be limited to 14 individuals to allow for a customized experience for each participant.

What is Your Commitment?

  • Your time - being able to attend, be present, and fully invest in each session.  Sessions will be recorded in case you do have to miss one, but I am urging all participants to make every effort to join each one.
  • An open heart and mind – I ask you to be willing to set aside pre-conceived notions (about yourself and this work) and just be open to the process and what is possible. 
  • Curiosity and willingness to be coached – this process works best when you are truly interested in feedback and eager to listen. 
  • Commitment to work in between sessions
  • A genuine desire for self-development and heightened awareness

How Much Does it Cost?

Introductory Pricing: $399

Scholarships Available


"The Chase Your Dreams program has been so impactful for my personal and career development... I understand that I don't have to continue to live out old patterns of the past but that I can move forward with new habits."

"It was so uplifting and refreshing to meet with a group of people who are facing similar challenges in their lives and who are committed to change and growth."

"Kip continuously challenged us to identify the limiting beliefs we had about ourselves and our potential... I’m not certain I would’ve conducted this exercise had I not been a part of this program and it’s one of the reasons why it’s so worthwhile."

What Can You Expect to Learn from This Program?

  • A new awareness of your thoughts and how they create your reality 
  • An understanding of the subconscious mind 
  • How to identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back 
  • Using conscious choice to shift your thinking and mindset
  • Tools for stress-relief including breathing exercises and meditation
  • The neuroscience of the mind and how that impacts emotions and patterns of behavior that drive us all 
  • Tools to stay in the present moment 
  • Gratitude and appreciation journaling