Customized Programs

One size does not fit all.  

This is as true for fine dressmakers as it is for Hollister Institute.  

We have plenty of great resources and workshops that are engineered to empower your business and embolden your people.  If you don’t know where to start, let us consult with you so we can tailor our services to best meet your unique specifications.

Let us come to you!

After we get the chance to meet your team and perform a thorough assessment based on you --  your needs, hurdles, goals, and expectations -- we will formulate a step-based program that can be used to help foster successful growth for your organization.

Our programming is flexible, designed to meet you where you are, and fully based on which focus areas you wish to seek growth from. You can choose any single one of our workshops and seminars in the areas of Mindfulness, Communication, and Leadership, or let us help build you a complete personal/group package to more acutely address your areas of need.

Whether you are looking for practical support with communication, networking, recruiting/retention, stress-reduction, or personal accountability, we can offer our tools to better manage your gaps more effectively. 

Build-on programming

Take a look at some of the add-ons we have offered to past clients, and get a sense for how we can start assembling a growth plan for you.  

Discover our add-on workshops

  • Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Managing Stress Through Mindfulness

  • Art of Feedback

  • Recruiting and Retaining “A” Players

  • Networking with Your Personal Brand

  • Individual and Group Coaching

  • DISC Assessment & Training

  • Becoming a Person of INFLUENCE

  • Developing Leaders Around You

Don’t see what you’re looking for here?  
Talk to us in person and let us work with you to structure a curriculum that provides more of what you need, and less of what you don’t.