Effective Communication

The Power of REAL Conversations as a Cornerstone of Business Success

Creating a foundation of integrity and accountability through Communication


Research shows that 60-80% of all difficulties in organizations stem from poor communication between employees, rather than lack of skill or motivation.  Our Effective Communication training provides you with tools for immediate use with colleagues and clients.  Participants will leave equipped with strategies to resolve conflict in a way that promotes accountability, collaboration, and productivity.

What: 3-hour training
Who: For Business Professionals & HI Alumni
Where: Virtual
Coaches:  Tracey Lukes & Karla Driskill
Cost: $397
When: From 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Is poor communication affecting your bottom line?
Lacking the skills to communicate concerns can lead to conflict avoidance and settling for mediocre results.  Employees avoiding conflict may experience frustration, decreased motivation, and a lack of productivity.  Our coaches will teach participants how to resolve conflict and have courageous conversations to work more effectively.

Do your employees fear conflict?
Conflict resolution skills, like any other skill, can be learned.  Disarm the fear of difficult conversations and demystify the communication process with accessible strategies your team can adopt immediately.

Does your team lack confidence in approaching senior management?
Anxious employees avoiding the elephant in the room remain stuck.  Prepare leaders to engage in honest, productive conversations, and equip employees to approach management for an organization with better accountability, morale, and employee retention.

Do your clients and customers feel heard?
The same principles of communication that help your organization function internally can be applied to interactions with clients and customers.  Learn the skills to hear feedback and resolve disconnect to increase client satisfaction and customer retention.

Your team will leave with:

  • An understanding of the principles of honest communication
  • 10 practical guidelines for approaching difficult conversations

Have questions? Please contact Karla at or call at 617-654-0200.