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Excellence Unbound—A Two-Day Leadership Intensive

Designed to embolden leaders, inspire creativity, and tap into the personal & professional power base that drives business performance!

The key distinguishing factor between average performance and excellent performance is a leader’s level of Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness is the foundation of EQ. This two-day professional empowerment workshop builds self-awareness around the gaps that keep individuals and teams from creating optimal results. Through self-reflective exercises and group coaching, participants receive tools that will help them enhance individual and team achievement. This investment in yourself, your leaders, and your teams foster the personal accountability necessary to reach higher levels of personal and professional success.

What: Two-Day Leadership Development Intensive
Who: For Business Professionals and Teams
Where: Hollister Institute, 75 State Street, Boston, MA 02109
Coaches:  Tracey Lukes & Karla Driskill - Co-Facilitators
Cost: $999
When/Where: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for the two-day intensive

  • Thursday, April 30 & Friday, May 1, 2020
  • Thursday, October 22 & Friday, October 23, 2020

Could your organization benefit from expanding its self-awareness?
Our unique program guides participants through a series of exercises to uncover the beliefs holding them back and create a renewed vision of possibility.

Are you striving to develop leaders?
Leadership breakdown occurs due to lack of awareness, blame, and self-doubt.  We coach leaders to identify patterns of behavior that limit their personal and professional impact.

Are you experiencing conflict?
Clear communication, empowered decision making, and smooth collaboration make an organization work.  Without these elements in place, teams experience low morale and retention.  We provide tools to work through conflict by clarifying commitments and increasing accountability.

Do you crave higher performance?
Dynamic performance requires inspired thinking. We teach mindfulness and meditation practices to increase self-awareness, energize your team, spark creativity, and improve focus.

Participants will gain:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Frameworks for value-based decision making
  • Tools for conflict resolution & clear communication
  • Accountability that drives effective leadership
"I’ve built a strong team but sometimes they get caught up in the small stuff and lose the big picture. Excellence Unbound was an outstanding way to get them all on the same page.  They came out of it with a strong, aligned sense of purpose."

Have questions? Please contact Karla at or call at 617-654-0200.

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