Seth Rotberg; You Are Not Alone

This week, Kip walks with Seth Rotberg along the Charles River in Cambridge.  Seth talks about discovering his mother’s Huntington’s Disease (HD) diagnosis at 15 years old and subsequently learning that he too, carries the gene that will lead to him developing HD at some point in his future.   Seth explains how this experience, which at times is very isolating, led him to seek out support and connection in the HD and broader rare disease communities.  As a result, Seth went on to found a non-profit organization dedicated to serving those struggling with rare and chronic conditions to provide emotional and social support.  Kip and Seth also share their thoughts around vulnerability, judgement, fear, and embracing the present moment.  Seth Rotberg is Co-Founder of Our Odyssey, a non-profit established in 2019 to improve the quality of life for young adults with rare or chronic diseases.  For more information about Seth and Our Odyssey, you can visit:

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