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With a view toward unity, collaboration, and best serving the needs of our talent and clients, Hollister Staffing and Hollister Institute are uniting as The Hollister Group – Staffing & Cultures. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for upcoming changes including a new logo, a revamped website, and a formalized initiative we’re calling “The Hollister Difference.”


Our work has inspired leaders and business professionals around the country to find new purpose and strength of direction.

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"I've seen a shift in me as a result of attending Hollister Institute programs."

"The results from the training are visible... Hollister brings something new and different."

"The work that we do with Hollister isn't just a two-day training, it's the beginning of a long-term journey."

"I am not alone in my vulnerability."

"A group of strangers came into this room today and shared their intimate thoughts and truths. I learned today that I am not alone in my vulnerability and that I should embrace it."

Suzanne U.
Effective Communication

"I am empowered."

"I think the trend of being vulnerable is contagious. It takes one brave person to start it and create a safe environment – I'm empowered to do that now."

Natalie W.
Effective Communication

"I now spend 80% of my time on things that totally energize me."

"I am so excited with how pieces are coming together, and can’t believe how much has changed since I started coaching with The Hollister Institute.  I now spend 80% of my time on things that totally energize me, and 20% on all of the stuff I thought I was too busy to put aside."

Marianne M.
Leadership Coaching

"I learned a great deal about myself and how I can achieve more."

"Excellence Unbound is an outstanding workshop that helps participants understand how their own mental models are holding back their performance in business and life. I learned a great deal about myself and how I can achieve more. This is an evidence-based program that is based on peer-reviewed research. If you're a human being, I encourage you to attend. If you work with human beings, I encourage your entire team attend Excellence Unbound."

Sean G. 
Excellence Unbound

"The entire program was extremely rewarding. I really enjoyed sharing my story in the small group setting."

Katie K.
Effective Communication

"Open your mind and attend."

"I'm an attorney. I'm skeptical. But this workshop, the Hollister Institute, is the real deal. Don't let self-limiting skepticism deprive you of the opportunity to learn and experience this two-day gift to yourself. Open your mind and attend. You'll walk away with more than you could have asked for and with frameworks to use throughout your life, and in all areas of it."

Anusia G. 
Excellence Unbound

"I left with a deeper commitment to my personal excellence."

As a business owner who as done many international trainings and seminars, The Hollister Institute offers one of the better ones I've participated in. Kip and Karla were skillful, caring and knowledgeable facilitators who were able to draw the best out of everyone in the group irregardless of their industry or background. I left more focused, clear and at peace with a deeper commitment to my personal excellence.

Anna T. 
Excellence Unbound

"This training has encouraged me to be a better communicator and believe that my ideas are valuable."

Anna T.
Effective Communication

"More than an investment in yourself, it's an investment in your entire life."

Thank you for everything Kip and Karla, you both have a sincerity and wisdom about you that helps draw out the joy in the room - it made me feel comfortable and courageous! Taking time out of life to focus on personal and professional development is more than an investment in yourself, it's an investment in your entire life. Although difficult to explain, Excellence Unbound is a systematic approach to discovering the hidden and deep seated behaviors that hold us back from living our highest calling. I'm already energized from all of the wonderful tools Kip and Karla brought to the group. What a dynamo you two are! I would recommend the seminar to anyone looking to strengthen the authenticity muscle we're all born with. 

Megan M. 
Excellence Unbound

"Truly an amazing opportunity, success is just a 2-day experience away."

Shikari B. 
Excellence Unbound

"Immediate results! Thanks so much for setting me on the course of success."

Excellence unbound provided several practical tools for increasing my EQ that I have used on a regular basis since the seminar. I can see in the reactions of my peers that our communication has gotten more honest and overall more effective as a result. 

Rachel W. 
Excellence Unbound

"A strong, aligned sense of purpose"

"I’ve built a strong team but sometimes they get caught up in the small stuff and lose the big picture. Excellence Unbound was an outstanding way to get them all on the same page.  They came out of it with a strong, aligned sense of purpose."

Laurel C.
Excellence Unbound

"This experience has given me tools that I needed to unlock a part of me that was stagnant."

James L.
Effective Communication

"This 2 day seminar is the ultimate step to transition your personal & professional path into the areas you desire the most." 

Excellence Unbound

“I realized I was actually coming in the way of my team”

“I’ve got complex decisions on my plate everyday. I needed a way to clearly delineate the challenges and focus on the solutions to each. I realized through the course of the class that I was actually coming in the way of my teams. They were too scared of making decisions and that’s my fault.  I took the leadership experience and translated it into our decision hierarchy. I started leaning back and listening more, gave people a little space to fail. They responded almost immediately. Great stuff.” 

Excellence Unbound

“There’s nothing better than feeling recharged about your work. Thank you.”

Excellence Unbound

“I feel generally better (a lot better)”

“My body was buzzing with energy for two weeks after I took your class. I have taken a lot of different classes and I have never felt anything like this class. I have more energy and feel generally better (a lot better) and more aware of everything.”

Kathy B.
Excellence Unbound

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. This course is a real catalyst to improving the quality of our lives.”

Eva P.
Excellence Unbound

“Tools I can use for my whole life”

“Sometimes I juggle so much that I can’t really get traction at the work I love. The stuff I learned at the Institute are tools I can use for my whole life – not just business. We went with our group and it felt like everyone just was lifted by the process.” 

Chris O.
Excellence Unbound

“More refreshed, focused and grounded ”

"The Hollister Institute provides its participants the opportunity to connect with oneself and other in a very positive and powerful way. If you need to “recharge your batteries” and get your energy back, attend an event. I guarantee you will leave Hollister’s profound, life changing courses feeling more refreshed, focused and grounded.”

Manny C.
Excellence Unbound