Our Workshops

Hollister Institute workshops covering Mindfulness Training, Communication Workshops, and Leadership Development, instruct learners through a unique mix of practical, theoretical, and experiential exercises to help leaders, staffers, individuals, and teams make stronger, more confident decisions, experience clearer focus, and communicate more effectively. Our coaches are all accomplished business professionals and practiced, deeply accredited practitioners who help professionals of all levels find new effectiveness every day.

The following programs are offered under Hollister Institute.

Effective Communication

Creating a foundation of integrity and accountability through Communication.

Excellence Unbound—A Two-Day Leadership Intensive

Designed to embolden leaders, inspire creativity, and tap into the personal & professional power base that drives business performance!

The Balanced Leader

A leadership course on balancing the masculine and feminine energy we all possess.

Unlocking The Mind: The Journey of Self-Awareness

Achieving mental freedom is a discipline and a healthy habit to build.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflict and promote healthy personal and professional relationships.

Customized Programs

One size does not fit all.

Introduction to Essential Communication

Create an intentional culture to align & empower people, build a common language!

Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace

Are you & your team ready to rid your lives of stress to improve morale?

Introduction to The Foundations of Leadership

Leadership begins with self-awareness.

Managing Stress Through Mindfulness

Employee stress costs the business community an estimated $300 billion a year.

Mastermind Group

Are you ready to become the person you were created to be?